Kalinda – 6 year old female Border Collie Cross dog for adoption

Introducing the truly wonderful Kalinda. Kalinda is a beautiful and and gentle 6 year old Border Collie crossbreed, desperately seeking her forever home. With a tragic start to life, Kalinda was abandoned in a Spanish shelter and devastatingly, she has never been offered her opportunity to leave and has existed behind those very same bars […]

Blue – 1 year old female German Shepherd Dog dog for adoption

Blue is a one year old, female German Shepherd Dog. Beautiful Blue, Brilliant Blue, Blazing Blue. German Shepherds are a unique lot. Their eyes seem to see through a different spectrum of colour, their ears hear that bit more acutely, sharper, their noses seem to smell stranger smells, their minds work in complex and baffling […]

Daisy – 3 year old female Cross-Breed dog for adoption

Daisy – 3 year old female Cross-Breed Hopefor Romaniandogs UK | April 11, 2018 | Daisy is a small female Cross-Breed aged 3 years old. Daisy is currently in a foster home. Daisy is looking for a quiet home to spend lazy days being adored. In return she will be a faithful companion. Daisy’s […]