Rocco – 4 year old male German Shepherd Cross dog for adoption

Rocco is a 4 year old male German Shepherd Cross. Rocco was found 4 years ago in an English Urbanization in Spain trying to get through a gate to get water but he was so fat he could not get through so was very obvious he had an owner as you do not get stray fat dogs in Spain but he was never claimed and he has sat and wait in foster kennels ever since. I met Rocco on my last trip and when he laid on his back with his paws in the air when we tried to put him back broke my heart and made me laugh at the same time.

We took him through to where we were having tea and cakes that day as I wanted to spend more time with him and it became so apparent the way he waited patiently when we were eating that he had learnt manners and been in a home but because of his size and age he would never find a home in Spain and I promised him on my next trip he could have a holiday with me for the week so I could get to know him better and get more pictures and videos to show people how wonderful he is and that is what I did – got so many videos I will not share them all as too many but will share the ones that I think tell you how wonderful he is in different situations.

He was a wonderful house guest – he was clean, quiet and very non assuming, very loyal he loved to be where you were watching you with his eyes, he has the most wonderful temperament and loved me kissing and cuddling him, he walked like a dream on the lead, I did not let him off as too many roads where we are but I am sure he will be fine once bonded. He met many people and dogs, he even had dogs lunge at him in the vets and he did not react all, dogs barking at gates no reaction. Took him to the vets and filmed it he let the vet examine him, blood test him. He met children out and about, he came to restaurants can you tell i bloody love this dog. His only fault the whole time I had him was a cat tested him and it was a no he wanted to chase and that was the only time he was not perfect in my eyes. He traveled in the car fine although a little unsure he soon settled on the back seat. Rocco lives with many other dogs with no problems in fact Milly another long term dog who we have recently homed was his kennel mate at one time.

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I can imagine this wonderful dog being with a man or women on their own (no reason why he cannot go to a couple) but someone who has maybe lost someone and looking for a devoted friend I think he would be so wonderful for someone like that you could save him and he could save you – he is that lovely you could easily have him as a Therapy dog too – its a crime he has waited for so long – but like all our dogs he is safe where he is and it has to be the right home not any home – enjoy the videos below. Hopefully enough information there to give him the wonderful home he deserves – Rocco is neutered, vaccinated and blood tested please email us for our questionnaire if you feel you could be the right home for our lovely boy.

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