Sassy – 7 year old female Cross-Breed dog for adoption

Sassy is a 7 year old smallish crossbreed possibly a bit of bearded Collie in there somewhere. Sassy is fostered in Norwich (FR058). Sassy was brought to the UK and adopted around five years ago. Sadly she has been passed around a bit since then and we have now been asked to step in and find her a home that really is forever. We are not sure of her story back in Romania but I suspect she was in a public shelter and spayed by an incompetent vet who damaged her. When she came to us we were told she wets her bed when sleeping so we have put her on Propalin which has eradicated this but she will need to stay on Propalin indefinitely.

Sassy is just after a quiet life now. In her first home she lived with children but she was younger then and fine with that. Then she lived a couple of years without them and got used to that so when she was passed on again and placed in a flat with three children she wasn’t so tolerant and was quite grumbly with them. Quiet visiting children would be fine but she’s really now not looking to be around roudy behaviour and noise.

Sassy is quite a timid girl but very sweet and loving once she knows you. I think she’s probably been through a lot more than we know about and we would just love to see her find the tranquillity in life that she deserves.

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