Ben Stiller returned as Michael Cohen in SNL’s cold open (Video)

Saturday Night Live had plenty to pick from for its cold open when it came to digging in on Donald Trump.

Over this past season of SNL, the show has found different ways to try and troll Donald Trump. Alec Baldwin has returned to the show numerous times to portray the president, but there’s been a revolving door of guest stars playing different members of his cabinet and inner circle.

This weekend was no different, kind of.

Ben Stiller returned as Michael Coen, who phoned Donald Trump in a panic to try and tell him that they were all screwed. Martin Short appeared as Trump’s doctor, and Kate McKinnon debuted her Rudy Guliani impression. We also saw Scarlett Johansson and Jimmy Fallon return to play Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner.

But the biggest cameo was Stormy Daniels playing herself.

“I know you don’t believe in climate change,” Daniels said. “But a storm is coming.”

Overall, it was one of the most solid cold opens we’ve seen all season long.

SNL literally became award-winning television thanks to its harsh stance on the Trump administration. Alec Baldwin won a Best Supporting Actor Emmy, Kate McKinnon won Best Supporting Actress, and even Melissa McCarthy won for her hilarious performance as Sean Spicer.

As long as Saturday Night Live keeps the full-court press on the things that are stoking coals in the country, the success should continue. Unlike others who are profiting with fame off of the terrible events that happen on a daily basis, SNL is a cathartic venting session for most Americans who can’t be blamed if they’ve forgotten what laughter is.

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