Better Call Saul season 4, episode 8 recap: Coushatta

Jimmy being himself and using his classic bag of tricks had Kim passionately kissing him all over again on the latest Better Call Saul.

It pays to be bad sometimes in more ways than one, as Jimmy found out on the latest episode, “Coushatta,” of Better Call Saul. Jimmy not being a straight-arrow good guy is apparently part of what attracted Kim to him in the first place. Adaptability, going the extra mile (even if it means gray area tactics), being socially charismatic to the highest extent, and never giving up on those most important to him are all important. Ironically, Huell Babineaux hitting that plain clothes officer with a bag of sandwiches has turned the entire tide of Jimmy and Kim’s relationship back north.

If there’s one thing Jimmy had right all along a few episodes prior, it’s that a lot can change in 10 months. All it takes is one event to change everything around, even when things look their bleakest.

Even at the darkest hour, tonight’s Better Call Saul proves hope when combined with motivation is a powerful thing that can never be given up on.

Too much R & R

Apparently, a little too much rest and relaxation can hurt somebody as the Germans proved on tonight’s Better Call Saul. Mike obliged the request for the German workers to let off some steam by Werner Ziegler only to be paid back with disappointment. Ziegler, the head engineer was left alone at a bar by Mike, thinking he could be trusted to be mature and quiet as Mike handled a situation at the strip club with the younger workers. Mike ended up paying off a bouncer to keep him from calling the police and left money for the girl the German tried handling as well.

When the worker said he wasn’t leaving, Mike responded, “Try me” and was greeted to no challenge. Mike would return to the bar to find Ziegler practically spilling the beans about what he was doing on a bar napkin. The next day, Mike made sure Ziegler understand a warning of the person he was working for being very serious, especially if he messes up. Ziegler promised it would never happen again.

Nacho becomes a different man

Nacho has changed into a ruthless, cold boss without Hector Salamanca around at the cafe. When someone came in short on the cash they owed, Nacho called them over and pulled their earring out. You can be certain they won’t come short over to Nacho’s place again. Out of work, Nacho now lives with two girls, but his only concern is the stacks of money he’s making. Briefly, the audience sees Nacho looking at a photo ID of his father, recalling a simpler time.

Darkest before the dawn

Things weren’t all hugs and kisses for Jimmy from Kim at the onset of the episode. In fact, early on, it appears Kim has gone stone cold on Jimmy for good. When he’s at his old office, the lady running the place asks if his wife is mad at him and that’s why he’s here. Jimmy tells her she’s not his wife but he doesn’t know how to answer the second question. She tells him to take her out to dinner with flowers and keep saying sorry no matter what. Jimmy says he thinks its beyond that point … For the first time, the lady actually brings her cucumber water to Jimmy and leaves the whole bottle.

Jimmy is always making friends

In order to get Huell out, Jimmy comes up with an entire mailing operation out of Huell’s hometown. He devises a brilliant plan while on the bus to have letters and postcards be written by the passengers, which he would pay for, to later be sent to Judge Munsinger proving what a great man Huell is.

Later, when the attorney against Huell calls the numbers on the letters, Jimmy and his acting pals from prior episodes answer on Jimmy’s drop phones. They sell the whole case that Huell is parishioner at a church and once saved people from a fire. Eventually, the case is dropped with Kim winning.

Jimmy follows Kim after she silently goes outside to receive a full on makeout session like the old Wexler/McGill days. Kim then sleeps with Jimmy and calls him brilliant with the phones and laughs at his Bayou accent. Kim seems distracted during a meeting with Mesa Verde afterwards at work.

Kim can’t get enough of Jimmy all over again

Jimmy notices Kim arrive outside of an office he’s looking at and she begins smoking. They begin to share the cigarette and Jimmy thinks he needs to calm Kim’s nerves. He tells her that no one will ever find out and he knows this was all crazy, that she could have lost her job and he’s so close to being reinstated in the law … That’ll never happen again. It’s then Kim tells Jimmy she wants to do it again on her own! No more apologizing for Jimmy for being what he really is, Kim is on his side.

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