Chinese Pro League terminates contract of former Oregon State star Luke Heimlich | MLB

Luke Heimlich’s shot at professional baseball was short-lived as the Chinese Professional Baseball League terminated his contract with the Lamingo Monkeys less than a week after the former Oregon State star signed on.

Heimlich, the 2018 National Pitcher of the Year for the NCAA champion Beavers, was passed over in the 2017 and 2018 MLB Draft after it was revealed he pleaded guilty to molesting his 6-year-old niece when he was 15.

According to CPBL Stats, the league has a zero tolerance policy for players with criminal history and demanded the Monkeys terminate Heimlich’s deal, which was announced last Wednesday.

Heimlich posted a 16-3 record in 2017-18 at Oregon State, and only the Royals have given him any MLB consideration with GM Dayton Moore saying last month that “(Heimlich) has earned an opportunity to play professional baseball” and the team continues to “seek information that allows us to be comfortable in pursuing Luke.”

However, Kansas City has not given Heimlich a shot, and neither will the CPBL.

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