[Cricket] Usman Khawaja’s 141 runs that helped Australia to draw the first test match vs Pakistan : sports

Pakistan batted again for their second innings, put up 182 runs for 6 wickets and declared the innings. The total lead was a massive 462, Australia would need 463 runs to win the test, a number that has never been achieved in the 4th innings of a test match.

Out walked Finch and Khawaja again, and they looked as comfortable as they were in the first innings. They put on 87 runs, at which point Finch got out. 87-1.

But at that same score, the two Marsh brothers, Shaun and Mitchell got out too, without adding anything to the score. Suddenly Australia were 87-3 and waves of panic had clearly rattled their camp.

But then, it was the turn of another debutant, Travis Head. Head and Khawaja batted sensibly and batted till the end of the 4th day without anymore damage. For the fifth day, the equation was, Pakistan needed the remaining 7 wickets to win, Australia needed 330 runs to win, or not lose all 7 wickets and draw the match.

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