Daniel Cormier’s relationship with UFC ‘tense’ due to light heavyweight title questions

Daniel Cormier stated that the UFC wants to strip him of his light heavyweight belt in order to allow Jon Jones to fight for it.

The UFC currently has one dual champion — Daniel Cormier. Holding two belts at one time comes with the pressure of holding up two divisions and needing to stay active in both, or choosing one over the other. It seems that Cormier already has one big fight on the horizon and that is a heavyweight title fight with former champion Brock Lesnar. That fight was lined up following his UFC 224 win over Stipe Miocic. But now with the surprise return of former light heavyweight champion Jon Jones, it seems he may not stay the dual champion for long.

“I’m pretty sure they are going to take that title (205-pound) but what I asked for as a competitor is that if they do take that belt just guarantee me a title fight upon the result of the fight that those guys will have,” Cormier said on the Ariel Helwani show Monday. “Originally they told me they were going to do this for Gustafsson vs. Romero, so if rumors are true and they are going to do Jones vs. Gustafsson I imagine that it would be for the belt, just guarantee me when that fight is done.”

Due to his history with Jones, Cormier has his strong opinions on Jones and his history with the sport. Jones was found to have unknowingly taken a banned substance by the U.S Anti-Doping Agency (USADA), to reduce his sentence Jones gave USADA help with providing them with tips on information that would lead them to find other guilty parties. Although the details of his help were not released, Cormier has his own idea.

“Not only did he snitch, he has to continue cooperating if he wants to keep his deal,
. “What a situation he has gotten himself into now. At any moment that USADA needs information they get to go call Jon.”

Jones has had several problems with USADA and the law which forced him to relinquish his title. Now that he is returning the third fight with Cormier seems imminent. To this, Cormier is not backing down and has come to the realization that this fight will be happening.

“Even though he was on steroids, he won those fights, I’m not taking that away from him,” Cormier said. “I’m sure that even before they were testing other guys were on steroids. I’m not saying I don’t want to fight this guy because he is on steroids, I’ve done it twice and I’ll do it again. I’m saying what’s right is right and let’s try to fight under the right circumstances. If Brock Lesnar can test clean for six months and can get to the fight and fight clean I have no problems doing it, just like I have no problem fighting Jones if he is in the program and testing clean.”

With the light heavyweight title picture blurred at the moment, Cormier feels that his history with Jones is not finished.

“Legacy-wise it’s the biggest fight, but I will tell you right now financially it’s not the same. It’s different because Brock brings a whole different level of fans. Even though this is a bigger fight competitively between Jon and I, it’s a bigger fight monetary-wise against Lesnar. We’re gonna fight again.”

Cormier vs. Lesnar has not been given a date or location yet.



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