Does Giancarlo Stanton have a right to be upset about getting hit?

An old beef was brought back up when Giancarlo Stanton got hit with a pitch last night. He has every right to be upset about it too.

In 2014 Giancarlo Stanton was hit in the face with a pitch. Mike Fiers, who was then pitching for the Milwaukee Brewers went up and in on Giancarlo and got him in the face with a fastball. Stanton suffered multiple face fractures and his season was ended because of it.

Now, Stanton wears a mask on his helmet, like a lot of players do, in order to protect against that happening. Last night when the Tigers and Yankees met up the old Fier and Stanton flame was reignited.

Again, Fier went up and in and hit him with a 90 mile per hour fastball. Stanton took exception to it stared down Fier and had to be restrained. A perfectly logical reaction from Stanton.

Just four years ago Fier was the one who ended his season and caused him a gruesome injury. But in the next at-bat, it was Giancarlo who had the last laugh.

It was an absolute bomb from Giancarlo Stanton and if you noticed he flipped the bat, took his time trotting around the bases, and gave a little point to Fier once he touched home plate. This is what baseball needs.

I’m not justifying injuring a player, or purposely hitting a batter, but when it does happen and someone gets their revenge with a home run and stares down the pitcher it makes the game that much more exciting.

An otherwise meaningless June home run is now a huge talking point because it was off Fier, who potentially could have ruined Giancarlo Stanton’s career. Rivalries like this in the game of baseball are good for the game.

The Tigers may have won the game last night, a random June victory for a mediocre Tigers team means absolutely nothing, but Stanton got his revenge off Fier. Maybe now, the rivalry can finally be put to bed before Fier embarrasses himself some more.

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