FOX’s coverage of the World Cup is awful : sports

I’ve always thought this about FOX and their broadcasts of soccer. Watching the pregame coverage of the opening ceremony and it’s just ridiculous how poor their prep had been.

I understand the USA not being in the World Cup is a big hit to the overall rating but this is just so poorly planned. First, I haven’t seen any soccer programming previewing the tournament minus the one hour program before today’s opening game. Second, this preview was just bad, barely highlighted any of the stories, and the scheduling was bad. (They said Zlatan was coming up in studio, never showed up) During the speech by Putin, the translator sounded like an auto translator on a 10 second delay with terrible audio.

All of this and I’m not even going to get into the pundits and the play by play callers…

Guess I’ve been spoiled with NBC sports coverage.

EDIT: Half way through the match and the coverage dropped out of HD and lost audio for a few minutes, could be my local station but if not, unacceptable

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