Germany‘s last minute goal against Sweden : sports

Sweden at halftime:

Sweden at the end:

Hello darkness my old friend….

For context for people coming from /r/all who don’t follow sports, Germany needed to win today to have any chance of advancing past the group stage of the World Cup into the Top 16 knockout rounds. They have never failed to get out of the group stage, they won the last World Cup, so this would have been a catastrophic failure.

They went down to Sweden in the first half 1-0 after Toni Kroos (guy scoring in the vid) made a bad pass, then a goal from Marco Reus gave them a 1-1 draw in the 48th minute. But that wasn’t enough, Sweden had 3 points in their group and Germany had 0 at this point, so a draw would mean a 3 point difference going into the next game and almost sure elimination. Germany lost its key center back to a second yellow, making them now down to 10 men and while they pilled offensively on Sweden they just couldn’t break through. A point blank header by Mario Gomez was saved by the goalie in the last few minutes. It wasn’t until the very last minute that a Swedish defender made the mistake of fouling needlessly in stoppage time, setting up a freekick. Toni Kroos is the designated FK specialist, but he had an awful game so far and many must have thought was too late. He scored this goal, saving Germany.

Basically every German right now:

Two teams from each group advance, this is how the group looks like after this game:

Team Points GD
Mexico 6 2
Sweden 3 0
Germany 3 0
Worst Korea 0 -2

Now it sets up an interesting last gameday for the group. Germany plays Korea, Sweden plays Mexico. We could have a situation where both Sweden and Germany win and Mexico loses, therefore making a 3 way battle over top spot.

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