Khabib jumps into crowd to fight McGregors team after winning by submission. : sports

Conor moves up from the 145 lb division to the 155 lb division and immediately fights for the 155 lb title, upsetting Khabib who has wanted a shot at the 155 lb title for a while

Khabib was previously known for having bad weight cuts which would pull him out of fights.

Artem Lobov is Conor’s training partner, friend, and UFC fighter. In an interview, he talks shit about Khabib and his weight cuts.

Khabib and his crew later find Artem and surround him. Khabib says to never mentions his name again and gives him some “sleps”

Conor hears about this issue and loads up a plane with his goons and flies to Brooklyn. They attack a bus that Khabib is in, where Khabib is scheduled to fight the next day.

Conor is stripped and Khabib wins the 155 lb title.

Conor returns to the UFC to fight Khabib. In usual McGregor fashion, he talks a lot of shit in the press conferences leading up to the fight. He calls Khabib’s manager a terrorist, his dad a coward, talks shit about Russia, etc. Khabib believes Conor crosses the line with the shit talk.

Khabib insults Ireland saying that they lost their Irish language and that Conor’s grandfather worked for the British navy and killed Irish people.

During the ceremonial weigh ins, Conor slaps Khabib’s wrist and “attempts” to kick him.

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