LeBron’s dance at the playoffs finals. : sports

I don’t know if you’re serious or not, but left hand of Iggy that’s wrapped around Lebron’s back in this gif is his real hand. He was hugging lebron with his left arm and lebron tried pushing him off by grabbing his right arm and iggy raised it in the air to try and trick the refs into thinking lebron was holding him, but this is maybe the most common defensive play in the nba so they knew lebron is pushing off because iggy was holding him. Had Iggy not been fouling him, lebrons push would have created separation instead of this sweet dance gif that we have here.

Edit: People that believe lebron fouled iggy first with an elbow to the throat, again, that is lebron pushing off in response to being fouled by iggy. Iggy grabs lebron with both hands, one in front and one in back, and attempts to push lebron above the golden state defender that lebron is attempting to screen. Lebron pushing back is also a foul, but the correct call is to call the first foul.

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