Legion season 2 episode 5 recap, review: Chapter 13

This week’s episode of Legion saw a few uncomfortable reunions, and a trip into the desert that probably gave David extra motivation to hunt down the Shadow King — which may be exactly what the Shadow King wants.

It’s interesting to see how much of Lenny’s personality from the first season of Legion came from the Shadow King (maybe). Clark interrogated her a bit after her arrival, and she lacked almost all of the power and menace that she had in the first season. Even when she was stuck in the Clockworks mental hospital (before David killed her), she seemed more in control than she has so far this season.

After the last episode, I questioned how Lenny had escaped without Farouk’s cooperation. I figured she must have been sent out for some reason, and worried what could happen if the others trusted her too easily. Thankfully, Clark didn’t trust her blindly. One of the first questions he asked was how she got from being a disembodied consciousness to an actual person. He never really got an answer. We did hear a bit more about Lenny’s past, but it wasn’t much we hadn’t heard, or been able to guess, from the first season. She did drop one bombshell, though: Farouk knows where the people hid his body.

And he and Oliver were on their way to go collect it. The two of them didn’t seem really at peace, but they had some sort of understanding. Willing or not, Oliver helped Farouk get to and dig up something. I found it interesting that Farouk made Oliver do the actual digging, but when he got impatient he just used mental energy to raise the coffin/container. I would guess Oliver has to do interact with the real world because he is the one with a real body. Farouk can appear to and converse with Oliver, but he is still more mental projection than man at this stage.

Lenny was desperate to get the people in Division 3 to trust her. She even let Ptonomy look into her memories, though that may not have been a good idea for him. He thought something was wrong with his power, but it was deeper than that. I think the delusion that crawled into his ear in the last episode had infected him somehow. It would be all the more powerful because one consequence of his powers is that he captures reality in his memory every time.

I thought Oliver and Farouk found the body. But maybe they didn’t. What they had found was some sort of tech. Don’t know what it does, but Farouk must have seen t as useful in some way. After a drive, they found themselves at what looked like an excavation, with a submarine sitting on top? Actually, the submarine was essentially a sub-shaped taco truck. The people doing the digging had just come up for lunch. It could have been the place Lenny described as where the Shadow King knew his body was: a desert that used to be a valley.

Lest we forget that Legion, ultimately, has X-Men heritage, Farouk reminded us. He brought up the ever-present debate (in that universe) about homo sapiens vs homo superior, when it comes to morality. I think he was trying to drive home to Oliver that he shouldn’t consider the “lesser folk” in his plans. But instead, Farouk’s remarks for some reason reminded Oliver of Melanie. I don’t know what exactly could have done this. Oliver had only just seemed to remember her when he was taken by the Shadow King in the first place. Whatever the reason, it made an impression, and Oliver promised, in a level and fairly friendly voice, to kill Farouk one day. Then they drove away.

Back with Lenny in Division 3, she finally got her face to face chat with David. It seemed like David was going against orders, but Lenny at least came clean. She admitted that she wasn’t “not working” for the Shadow King, and that he had sent her to tell David he had found the body. It sure sounded like the Shadow King wanted to bait David into some sort of confrontation. There was some sort of flash from one of David’s memories, which really freaked him out. But Lenny also looked rather terrified when she was talking about just waking up, seeing blue eyes looking back at her. So will David take the bait to confront the Shadow King? Lenny missed her old body and asked David what had been done with it. He told her it had been buried out in the desert somewhere, though I’m not sure how he would have known that. The ultimate kicker: Lenny thought maybe Farouk had located her body, not his own.

We also got to actually see Lenny’s awakening. She revealed to David that Farouk had a plan, but nothing about the plan.

Back in the desert, Oliver and the Shadow King sparred with words. Oliver was trying to be threatening, but it was clear Farouk didn’t take him seriously. They staked out a house; who knows who or what was in the house.

Turns out the house contained Amy, David’s sister. She had been missing the whole season, but she finally showed up this episode, at least briefly. I think she might be one of the Vermillions? She mentioned having a dream that certainly sounded like what we saw from the Vermillions in previous episodes. The two of them noticed a change from outside. When they looked, all the guards/workers has disappeared.

He went out to investigate, leaving her (theoretically) safe. But nothing is set on Legion. Instead, she saw wind blow the door open, then Oliver was washing dishes in the kitchen. He promised to take her to her brother, but it was clear Amy didn’t trust him. And for good reason. She got lifted up, slammed back onto a table and seemed in a lot of pain. Oliver used the piece of tech he/Lenny/Farouk had taken from Division 3, and may have killed her?

What followed was an extremely creepy sequence that intercut Lenny’s rebirth (and it did look, grossly, like an actual rebirth) David’s old memories, Oliver’s actions and present-time David with this incarnation of Lenny, freaking out. Maybe the Shadow King had somehow gotten a direct line of communication into his mind? I think the Shadow King wanted to draw David out, so found his sister and killed her. Lenny was responsible (knowingly or unknowingly) for getting the message across. And it worked. David finished with an “I’m coming for you” directed at the Shadow King. Who laughed.

Next week on Legion!

There’s a bunch of s**t going down. Amy looks like she”s back in a big way. We may get a bit more of David’s multiple personalities, and his past in and out of mental institutions as well. And the actual Devil with the Yellow Eyes makes a triumphant (maybe) return.

Interestingly absent this week was Syd. She wasn’t the only one, but we had spent so much time getting to know her I the last episode that her absence was jarring. With the action (possibly) moving outside Devision 3 in the near future, will both Syd and the Cary’s become more important?

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