Lucifer season 3, episode 22 recap: All Hands on Decker

Chloe reconsiders her decision while Lucifer tries to find a way to win her back on this week’s “All Hands on Decker.” Here’s your recap.

Lucifer begins with a bit of a commotion behind the scenes at a prestigious … dog show. Miss Cornelia is late, and it looks like her owner is dead.

Ella is overjoyed at Chloe’s ring. The wedding is in three weeks – when you know you know – but Ella is only concerned about the bachelorette party. She has to sleep with Pierce for the rest of her life. She plays the sister card and so Chloe agrees. She starts talking flowers and cakes …

…. While Pierce meets with Chloe about the bar and tuxedos. He sees that she’s overwhelmed and he suggests that she take a few days off.

Amenadiel is stunned that Chloe agreed to marry Pierce. He wants to know the plan. Lucifer says that he needs to understand why she chose him. Amenadiel says he has to tell her how he feels, but he’s missed his window.

Lucifer finds Chloe at work and says that he is going to be supportive. He gives her a personality test so he understands how she thinks. Chloe says she’s taking time off, so he can work with Dan, who is taking her cases.

By the time they arrive at the crime scene, Dan is going crazy after Lucifer keeps talking about Chloe’s decision. They arrive on the scene and find Francis on the ground. Blunt force trauma, with the dog MIA. Ella rushes off to get a penis pinata. Dan tells Lucifer that he really needs him to focus on the case and not Chloe, which gives Lucifer the idea that to get in her head, he needs to act like her on the case.

Lucifer and Dan meets with Francis’ husband. He says Francis loved the beach, and now they need to find Cornelia because she’s all they have left. Frederick says that everyone loves Francis, but he got into an argument the week before at the dog training center.

Maze arrives in Pierce’s office and she has heard about the engagement. He tells her that he’s in love and he doesn’t want to die. She’s not happy, so he promises to help her get back to hell. Maze demands to see the mark, and he shows her. When Ella comes in to get her help with wedding stuff, Pierce sees that the makeup on his arm is falling off.

Chloe is planning her wedding like it’s a crime scene. She has a wedding murder vision board going. Ella won’t reveal the details of the case with her and instead tells Chloe to think about dresses.

Dan gets a call from Ella that the person who Francis argued with is an ex-con named Vincent. They’re in the car, and he tells Lucifer to hurry, but Lucifer doesn’t want to go over the speed limit because Chloe wouldn’t. Dan, exasperated, tells him to just ask Chloe why she chose Pierce, but Lucifer won’t do it.

Amenadiel goes to Charlotte for help. She says she’s still working on proving Pierce is the Sinnerman, but Amenadiel says that he is changing his tactic. He wants to understand how he thinks, and Charlotte says that Amenadiel should use his own experience as a guide. She just got invited to Chloe’s party, so she assures him that she will make sure that Chloe is questioning everything very soon.

Lucifer and Dan arrive at the place where they think they will be able to find Vincent. It’s an illegal gambling hall, one that Lucifer knows well. He suspects that they will get answers there but not if he goes in. He needs a partner who can be like he is, now that he’s playing it straight like Chloe. He shoves Dan inside and tells him to act like he would.

Dan hesitates at first, then one of the other guys comes up and asks who he is. He searches for his gun and badge but realizes that Lucifer took them. In their place is a wad of money. When the other man sees it, Dan is welcomed inside.

Maze leads Chloe inside for her bachelorette party and finds Ella, Trixie, Charlotte and Linda in a flower-filled room. There are no strippers. Everything is pink.

Dan is losing at cards, so he tries to find out what the guy behind him desires. That line doesn’t work for him the way it does for Lucifer. He notes a scar on the man’s arm and asks if it’s a dog bite. He reveals it was a big dog, and the suspect is about to talk when Lucifer bursts inside with the SWAT team. He figured this was the part when he would normally get in trouble.

Ella searches for booze when Charlotte finds her. She says that Maze hijacked the party and Linda comes in and says that Maze is up to something. They watch her with Chloe and see that there is something going on.

Pierce arrives at Lux to find Amenadiel waiting for him. He says he’s happy for Pierce and they are part of the same Immortal turned Mortal Club. Amenadiel says that he thinks about it every moment, that every kiss could be his last before some accident takes it all away.

The ladies use toilet paper to figure out a wedding dress style for Chloe. It’s torture. They’re desperate for an escape. There’s a knock at the door and they go outside to find a party bus waiting. Charlotte tells Maze that this was their contribution to the party.

Dan and Lucifer meet with Vince at the station. Lucifer asks if he was hired to kill Francis. However, Vince was the competition. He started training dogs in prison and fell in love with a mastiff, but since he was in prison he wanted someone else to show the dog. Francis’s Cornelia was pregnant with his dog’s babies. He didn’t kill Francis.

The ladies are having fun on the bus. Ella says this is everything she dreamed of in a bachelorette party, but Maze insists that they don’t do anything to stop her from getting married. Ella tells Maze to let Chloe have fun. Then the strippers arrive. They’re not strippers — they’re Charlotte’s clients.

Lucifer and Dan go to the vet that examines all of the dogs before the show. Dr. Valerie says that she has no idea about any puppies. She doesn’t need any money, but when Lucifer asks she says that she’s good. The vet tech says she wants the miracle of birth. She took Cornelia because she doesn’t get paid enough. The vet tech says Francis was already dead when she found her. She admits was going to sell the puppies and then return the dog, and though Lucifer proclaims her the suspect, Dan isn’t convinced.

Charlotte talks to Chloe, and in the conversation she ends up asking about how Chloe feels about marrying two people from the office. (In the background, Maze tosses the strippers out and Linda gets mad. Very mad.) Charlotte tells Chloe about LA’s high divorce rate. (Linda calls Maze out about her ploy to get Chloe married.) Ella thinks that Charlotte is trying to get in her head about the wedding, so she stops the bus and orders everyone outside.

Lucifer drives Cornelia back to Frederick, with Dan in the back. Lucifer is still upset that he’s no closer to understand why Chloe chose Pierce. Dan says that he might be going slow with Charlotte, but he knows Lucifer is afraid to ask Chloe why she’s marrying Pierce. He points out that he never uses Chloe’s name because he only thinks of her at work. He realizes he needs a “Trixie,” so he looks at Cornelia for inspiration.

Ella tries to understand what’s going on with the ladies. She suggests they all go get fake matching tattoos. Pierce mentioned it to her, which makes Maze realize that Pierce got a fake tattoo. While they’re talking, the bus drives off.

Dan finds Lucifer with Cornelia. She has made a mess all over the office and he says single parenting is exhausting. Frederick arrives, claiming he had no idea the dog was pregnant. Cornelia doesn’t want to go with him. Dan frowns and hurries off.

The bus rolls on with Chloe all by herself. The bus driver asks if she’s okay, and Chloe says she’s wondering why she said yes herself. She hoped marrying a steady guy she would be a better person. She asks the driver if she’s married and she is — 17 years — and she says Chloe should be sure her man makes her feel the way her husband makes her feel. That’s true love.

Lucifer does some digging and finds that Frederick lied about not knowing Cornelia was pregnant. He realizes he must be the killer.

Dan is waiting for Frederick when he gets home. He’s yelling at her, and Dan asks if that’s any way to talk to a pregnant lady. Frederick has a gun and he means business. He tells Dan that Francis loved the dog more than he loved Frederick. When he found out about the puppies he was furious. They got into an argument and Francis fell. He’s aiming the gun at Dan when Lucifer bursts through the door. As he tells Dan that he can’t rely on him, he realizes that this is the problem with his relationship with Chloe.

Maze finds Pierce at Chloe’s house. She has her blades out and she’s ready to kill him, but he points at Trixie sleeping on the couch with him. She warns him that he can’t hide forever. Chloe comes home and tells Pierce that it’s all too much, and she calls off their engagement.

Dan goes to Charlotte and says that he will respect her wishes for space, but he never had a chance to tell her about what he wants. He wants her, all of her. She smiles, and they kiss.

Chloe touches her finger the next morning. There is no ring. She’s back at work, and Lucifer arrives. He wants to talk to her, but then he sees that the ring is gone. He doesn’t tell her anything. She frowns slightly, and then she says there is a new case. This makes Lucifer happy now that things are back to normal, and they go off to work. Pierce watches them from the balcony. He’s not happy.

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