Mbappe High fiving the intruder during FIFA final : sports

Some very rough translation.

[S] – Security, [PR] – Pussy Riot.

[S] What’s your name? Your full name.

[S] Borya, we need a [police] car over here //radio chatter///

[S] So you’ve decided to shit all over Russia?

[PR] No, we did it because we love Russia.

[S] Oh yeah? Did you know that because of your actions, Russia will be fined by FIFA?

[PR] Why?


[PR] We’re for Russia (support Russia), same as you.

[S] You’ve set Russia up! Russia will be fined because of you.

[PR] No we did not, this isn’t true.

[S] Are you two alright [in the head]?

[PR] Yes, we are.

[S] Where did you get the uniform?

[PR] Well, we’re… [can’t catch what he says].

[S] What?

[PR] We rented it.

[S] Rented?

/// Some background radio chatter ///

[S] Sometimes I regret that it’s not 1937…*

*NKVD, executions by firing squad etc. All the “good” stuff, you know.

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