New Westworld trailer introduces Shogun World in Akane No Mai

Westworld will deliver episode 5, the midway point of season 2, on Sunday, May 20.

The latest episode of Westworld dove into multiple timelines, again, with the focus on William in the past and present. It tied into Bernard’s arc, who met up with a presumably dead character and explored an underground lab that housed a well-known host.

“The Riddle of the Sphinx” did not feature multiple main characters, however. It left Dolores, Maeve and Teddy on the sidelines, but it will be only for one week, as they are set for episode 5.

The trailer for “Akane no Mai” welcomed the arrival of the anticipated Shogun World, the third park to be introduced on Westworld as this show’s universe continues to expand. It teased a battle between Maeve and members of Shogun World, along with a passionate dialogue from Dolores, although we do not know who she said this line to.

Westworld took viewers to a safari-esque park that featured Bengal tigers, but “Akane No Mai” feel like it will be a deeper dive into a non-Westworld playground, given the teases in season 1 and the hints in the first three episodes. What will Maeve find?

Aside from that, how will Maeve, Lee Sizemore and the others get into Shogun World? They were seemingly on the edge of the homeland park, and Sizemore thought they were close to finding Maeve’s daughter. Instead, a Samurai helmet was discovered buried in snow, so they must not be far from this newfound land.

As for Dolores, viewers last saw her take another dark, vicious turn in a wild battle. She double-crossed the Confederados in a battle with the human security from Westworld, having them killed after locking the main gate that would have protected them.

However, Teddy refused to give into Dolores’ demand, to execute Major Craddock. Was that the beginning of the end of this partnership to overrun Westworld? Let’s find out on Sunday, May 20 at 9:00 p.m. ET on HBO.

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