Muay Thai fighter lands a thunderous KO front kick : sports

Well Muay Thai, and events happening in Thailand may not be their cup too. There’s a LOT of clinching in Muay Thai that for the layman just looks like a lot of hugging. Yeah, once upon a time some crazy elbow/knees KO happen but the large majority of Muay Thai fights are highly technical, long […]

The long-awaited American Horror Story crossover is finally happening

Characters from two previous seasons of the hit anthology show, American Horror Story, will make another appearance during the premiere this coming fall! Ryan Murphy is easily the every man of television production these days. Shows like Pose and The People vs. O.J. Simpson, among so many others, all bear his name to it. Now, a big reveal […]

FOX’s coverage of the World Cup is awful : sports

I’ve always thought this about FOX and their broadcasts of soccer. Watching the pregame coverage of the opening ceremony and it’s just ridiculous how poor their prep had been. I understand the USA not being in the World Cup is a big hit to the overall rating but this is just so poorly planned. First, […]

Who is the most tradeable piece this season?

MLB’s trade season is upon us, and these are the 25 biggest names to watch who could be on the move before July 31. It’s the most wonderful time of the year — Major League Baseball’s trade deadline is just over a month away, and teams across the league are starting to get their ducks […]

David-proof the bed, say bye to Clay

My name is Bruin, and this is my first time ever watching The Bachelorette. Today we lost one of the sweetest men on the show to a freak accident and also David fell out of bed. The show kicked off with some action as Colton, who thinks he’s in the clear when he gets a […]

LeBron’s dance at the playoffs finals. : sports

I don’t know if you’re serious or not, but left hand of Iggy that’s wrapped around Lebron’s back in this gif is his real hand. He was hugging lebron with his left arm and lebron tried pushing him off by grabbing his right arm and iggy raised it in the air to try and trick […]