r/Cricket are crowdfunding to become the official sponsor of the Icelandic Cricket team. : sports

This is a follow-up to this thread where quite a few users were interested in donating towards the development of cricket in Iceland. This comment by /u/rreyv proposed a great idea where we could help the cricketers in the country while also doing something cool and fun.

So, I reached out to Kit Harris, Secretary of the Iceland Cricket Board, explaining to him the idea of our subreddit sponsoring the team through crowdfunding. He was receptive to the idea and created a separate crowdfunding campaign just for the subreddit. Now, by contributing only £2,000 in total, we can become the official sponsors of a national cricket team for 2 years.

Why should I donate towards this?

Well, you would be contributing towards the development of the sport that you love. This would go a long way in helping out the cricketers and the board since Iceland is not a member of the ICC and they do not receive any funding from them. I know a lot of people on this subreddit were extremely angry at the ICC for contracting the World Cup and denying opportunities to the smaller nations. By contributing towards this, we can actually do something meaningful towards the development of the sport in these smaller nations.

This may force the ICC and the full member boards to listen to the fans, who don’t share their views on how to run the sport. Surely a protest in the form of a slogan printed on the front of the jerseys of an international team would be more influential than an abusive post on the internet.

But, this team consists of a bunch of expats?

Currently yes, but we’ve got to remember that the sport only spreads through expats. When Australia and South Africa started playing cricket, their team consisted of a bunch of expats from England. Ireland used to be a team with lots of expats from cricket nations as well and now look at their team. Cricket spreads through expats. And then if it is looked after, the locals play it as well. That is our game.

Also, the Secretary of the Board tried to assuage some of these concerns on the campaign page.

No money will be spent on subsidising playing and tour expenses for the expat players. We appreciate this is a matter of concern and scepticism for r/Cricket users.

Feel free to ask further questions.

The crowdfunding portal accepts donations of £2 and upwards. Please follow the link below to donate:


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