Ryder Cup fan plans to sue after her ‘eyeball exploded’ from a Brooks Kopeka shot : sports

Yeah, that and Koepka. I mean PGA tour players are the most charitable of athletes. This woman may lose an eye, but will gain $5-$10 million dollars.

I, too, had a similar experience (related to getting hit in the eye), just at a concert instead of sporting event. Was at a zac brown concert and they had t-shirt cannons. Zac himself fired one well over my head. I thought, “ok, no way he’s gonna get one 4 rows back in the seated section). Then he misfires one and only drops into the standing area around the stage. Again I thought, “ok, it doesn’t work anymore, not going to get one”, but kept my hands up like everyone else around me. Finally they reloaded his cannon, and he aimed it really low and fired it again. Well, this time it had the force of going 40 rows behind me, only went straight for my face. The t-shirt is rolled up and taped like a cylinder, and it hit me square in my left eye. Since my hands were up in the air, and the shock of a projectile coming straight at me, I didn’t react nearly in time and it knocked me off my feet. Really hurt, couldn’t see out of my left eye. It felt like 5 minutes I was down trying to check my eye to be sure i wasn’t bleeding or anything, but i guess it was only about 30 seconds. Dude in front me goes, “Hey, you have to tell him you’re ok!” So I slowly get up with my hand covering my eye, and I guess i gave him a thumbs up. Apparently he did a, “C’mon over here” gesture with his hand and someone said that Zac was inviting us (my gf at the time) and I backstage. By then first aid/medical people arrived to my row, and asked me to come with them to a first aid tent. I was still clutching my eye when a big security guard came over and said, “Zac feels terrible about what happened, and would like to invite you backstage to meet him.” The EMT chimed in and said, “not if you don’t pass the concussion test, otherwise you’re going to the hospital.” To which my gf goes, “you better pass that concussion test”.

Well, I passed the concussion test, got to watch most of the concert on the side of the stage, got to meet Zac during his break (side note: I’m not afraid to meet celebrities like my gf was (she was speechless when he asked her name), so when he walked up to me, he said, “Damn, I’m sorry about that” to which I immediately replied, “Damn, you’re a good shot!” After talking briefly, he told his head of security to hook us up with some t-shirts, 2 bottles of wine from his vineyard, autographed copy of the band, and probably the coolest gift, this was right after Prince died, and Zac hand-wrote the melody of “Let’s Go Crazy” that he put into his set that summer. He gave it to me (which, not like it’s special to anyone else, but it’s the only one in the world as I doubt he wrote more than one).

At any rate, to make a long story short, I did not choose to sue the concert venue or Zac Brown Band or Zac himself. I could tell his head of security was nervous I had real damage to my eye. Outside of pain, my vision slowly improved after that throughout the night. The EMT’s said as long as i could see clearly, and passed the concussion test, I was free to go. And while I certainly don’t ever wish ill-will on myself to have had damage, if I had, I probably would’ve done the same thing this lady is doing. You don’t go to an event expecting to lose an eye…regardless of if the ticket says the singer, or in this lady’s case, the course or player is not responsible for any damage. They have enough money to help any patron and above that, it’s the right thing to do. I was fine. Sorry this lady wasn’t.

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