The Angel of San Bernardino

Lucifer returns with season 3, episode 20, “The Angel of San Bernardino.” Here’s your synopsis for the April 16 episode of Lucifer.

It’s time for Chloe to finally learn the truth about everything, but will Lucifer be able to get the truth out this time? This week’s all-new episode of Lucifer features another battle in the Lucifer-Chloe-Pierce love triangle as Chloe and Pierce take their relationship public, but will Lucifer be able to stop things from going too far?

Here’s the official synopsis for Monday’s new episode “The Angel of San Bernardino,” courtesy of TV Guide.

“The latest murder investigation includes a witness who swears that she was saved by a guardian angel. We only know of two people in Los Angeles with wings, so does that mean that Lucifer or Amenadiel swooped in for the save, or is there a new winged entity in the City of Angels?”

Pierce met with Maze and proposed a partnership. He wants revenge and she wants to return to Hell because Lucifer doesn’t care about her anymore. What are they cooking up? Pierce definitely has a plan in mind because he knows that Chloe is Lucifer’s weakness, but it’s hard to tell if his feelings for her are real or if he’s only there to use her to get to Lucifer.

While Pierce is playing games, Lucifer is coming apart at the seams the more he sees Chloe with the Lieutenant. Telling her the truth is important to him, but with so many false starts in the past, will he finally be able to convince her that he’s been telling her the truth all these years and that he really is the devil?

Lucifer stars Tom Ellis and Lauren German and airs Mondays at 8 p.m. on FOX.

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