This was the England Manager 22 years ago after his missed penalty sent England Home. Tonight his team won on penalties and put England in the quarter final. : sports

I always thought it was in the rules but maybe that was a US thing.

I’ve also seen stuff that I always thought was illegal that either must’ve had a rule change or they just straight up don’t care enough to enforce it.

For example at the start of the game / half, they are now playing the ball immediately backwards, when I always thought the rule was it had to roll forward and someone else had to touch it after you. Seemed like a dumb rule cause they would usually pass back after anyway but I don’t know if it was changed or just not enforced now.

The other one I’ve seen is with throw-ins. I always thought you needed to keep both feet on the ground when you throw it and yet on different occasions I’ve seen players lift a foot up while throwing it and they let it go or don’t notice / don’t call it.

Time’s have changed.

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