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Given his place on the leaderboard, Tiger Woods’ score in the final round of the Memorial Tournament on Sunday is worth tracking. He entered Round 4 at nine under for the tournament, tied for seventh overall on the leaderboard and five shots behind the leader.

The key for Tiger in the final round of the Memorial will be his putting. He was able to surge up the leaderboard Saturday thanks to his long- and mid-range games, but even after hitting 12 of 14 fairways in Round 3, he had 31 putts.

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Because of the threat of weather in Dublin, Ohio, tee times for the final round of the Memorial were moved up. Tiger was scheduled to tee off at 9:10 a.m. ET, with the leaders scheduled to tee off at 9:30 a.m. ET.

Follow along for live updates and highlights as Tiger competes in the final round of the Memorial Tournament on Sunday.

THE MEMORIAL: Live leaderboard

Tiger Woods score: Live updates, final-round leaderboard from the Memorial

Hole (Par) Tiger’s score (Overall) Place
1 (4) 3 – Birdie (10 under) T6
2 (4) 4 – Par (10 under) T6
3 (4) 4 – Par (10 under) T7
4 (3) 3 – Par (10 under) T7
5 (5) 4 – Birdie (11 under) T6
6 (4) 4 – Par (11 under) T7
7 (5) 5 – Par (11 under) T9
8 (3)
9 (4)
10 (4)
11 (5)
12 (3) — 
13 (4) — 
14 (4)
15 (5)
16 (3)
17 (4) — 
18 (4)

HOLE 8: Par 3, 185 yards

— Tee shot: Not bad. Tiger stuck the ball in the rough on the front edge of the green. At least he avoided the bunkers that surround the eighth green.
— Second shot

HOLE 7: Par 5, 563 yards

— Tee shot: Another driver. This time his tee shot stuck on the right edge of the left-bending fairway after traveling 287 yards.
— Second shot: Tiger blasted his second shot 290 yards to the back edge of the green, where it rolled into the rough.
— Third shot: Tiger’s chip clipped the edge of the green and rolled right, not toward the hole. He would have a 20-footer for birdie.
— First putt: A slight miss to the right. The speed was a little off, and he just misjudged the break.
— Second putt: A tap-in. PAR

HOLE 6: Par 4, 447 yards

— Tee shot: Tiger used his driver for the first time in the round, and he sailed his tee shot right, into the bunker off the edge of the fairway.
— Second shot: We have club throwing, if that’s an indication of how the bunker shot went. It sailed a little too far and landed in the rough behind the green.
— Third shot: Not a bad approach, but it rolled about seven feet beyond the green for a tricky par putt.
— First putt: Got it. PAR

HOLE 5: Par 5, 527 yards

— Tee shot: Tiger smacked his tee shot to an ideal location, but it rolled a little far, off the right-bending fairway and into the intermediate rough.
— Second shot: His approach landed on the right side of the long, left-bending green; a great shot considering the tough angle he had. He’ll have a 45-foot eagle putt.
— First putt: Short. Tiger’s line was on, but he didn’t have enough on it. About three feet short.
— Second putt: The three-footer falls. BIRDIE

HOLE 4: Par 3, 200 yards

— Tee shot: Tiger found one of the four bunkers that surround the fourth green. He landed in the sand trap to the left.
— Second shot: A great out landed just short of the hole, less than a foot away. The bad tee shot ends up not hurting him.
— First putt: A tap-in. PAR

HOLE 3: Par 4, 401 yards

— Tee shot: A great iron shot traveled 272 yards and landed in the middle of the fairway; Tiger’s third fairway in three holes.
— Second shot: Another green, setting himself up for a 10-footer for birdie. Tiger’s six shots through three holes have been nearly perfect.
— First putt: Just missed it. His putt didn’t break right as much as he hoped it would.
— Second putt: Another frustrating tap-in. PAR

HOLE 2: Par 4, 455 yards

— Tee shot: Another solid tee shot with the 3 wood. Tiger’s shot traveled 326 yards, hugged the left edge of the fairway and stayed away from the rough; similar to his tee shot on 1.
— Second shot: Got the green. He stuck one on the front, about 20 feet from the hole for a chance at a tough birdie.
— First putt: A slight miss to the right on an uphill put.
— Second putt: A tap-in. PAR

HOLE 1: Par 4, 470 yards

— Tee shot: A solid start. Tiger’s tee shot traveled 300 yards, hugged the right edge of the fairway and stayed away from the rough.
— Second shot: Another beauty. His second shot dropped on the middle of the green about 13 feet from the hole for a chance at birdie.
— First putt: Got it. Now, if Tiger could just keep up the solid putting throughout the round. BIRDIE

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