Trae Young effortlessly pulling up from nearly half court for the game winning dagger : sports

Oh, TBH though he’s shot some inconsistently… But time will tell, he can ball that’s for sure.

Tough contest for ROTY this year though…

Ayton is far outperforming expectations and being on the Suns who have a backup centre as Tyson Chandler, he’ll be getting all-star minutes from game 1.

Doncic has done great, and will be on a great team as the Maverics so that’ll make him look great, who I think will finish a lot higher on the ladder than anticipated.

But there’s also a whole bunch of solid looking players throughout the draft.

Could see Grayson Allen pulling a Kyle Kuzma and being a top 5 rook and not even being picked in the top 20.

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