Watching the World Cup penalty shootout between England and Colombia without disturbing anybody is about as polite and English as it gets : sports

The country will be brought to it’s knees.

This will be our first quarter-final in 12 years, if we win on Saturday it will be our first semi-final since 1990. The only other time we’ve made it that far was 1966, when we won the World Cup.

The life of an England fan since 1966 has frankly been nothing but pain, agony, disappointment (hurt) you name it.

Most importantly the victory against Colombia was our first ever penalty shoot-out win in World Cup history, and only our second in all competitions. Prior to Tuesday our record was:

  • 1990 lost on penalties vs West Germany

  • 1996 beat Spain on penalties

  • 1996 lost on penalties vs Germany

  • 1998 lost on penalties vs Argentina

  • 2004 lost on penalties vs Portugal

  • 2006 lost on penalties vs Portugal

  • 2012 lost on penalties vs Italy

  • 2018 beat Colombia on penalties

It was such a relief and a bizarre feeling to win. It’s been ingrained into our national psyche that we always lose on penalties, it’s become a joke amongst football fans.

Even greater, Gareth Southgate who missed the vital penalty in 1996 that would have taken us to the final, lead us to a penalty shoot out victory as our manager. Here he is consoling a Colombia player, as he was consoled 22 years ago.

The fans in that video are chanting ‘It’s coming home’. It’s somewhat become a meme on reddit but it means so much more to us. It sums up the mentality of England fans, because some may say it in a jokey manner, but deep down we believe one day we might actually do something. Here are some of the lyrics:

Everyone seems to know the score

They’ve seen it all before

They just know

They’re so sure

That England’s gonna throw it away

Gonna blow it away

But I know they can play

‘Cos I remember

Three Lions on the shirt

Jules Rimet still gleaming

Thirty years of hurt

Never stopped me dreaming

TL;DR: We’re no longer shit at penalties and it’s coming home lads! 😉

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