What is the worst officiating call you have seen? : sports

Oh boo fucking hoo. First of all, it was one questionable catch, not two.

And really, being a Pats fan, you want to complain about another team getting calls? How about Kelvin Benjamin’s touchdown last year? “Take a 100%, unquestionable touchdown catch away from the Bills because the Pats might lose a game they aren’t supposed to.”

You guys have gotten more questionable calls that have resulted in playoff and Superbowl wins than any other team. Maybe more than all other teams combined in the playoffs. See Tuck Rule. See the bullshit calls against the Titans last year. Somehow a false start is actually a neutral zone infraction. See “just throw the ball downfield on 3rd and long and get defensive pass interference 75% of the time.”

Rinse and repeat.

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