What’s next for William and his daughter?

Westworld introduced a character connected to William, aka the Man in Black. If you haven’t seen Sunday’s new episode, turn away now because we’re talking the big reveal from “The Riddle of the Sphinx.”

In “Virtù e Fortuna,” Westworld viewers met a woman who went through hell and back in Raj World, the second one introduced on this show. She tested death on multiple occasions and survived every obstacle that came her way.

Fast forward to “The Riddle of the Sphinx.” It did not take long to discover this woman’s connection to Westworld and just how important she actually is: the daughter of William.

“Hi, dad” was all it took to know when the woman, Emily, went face-to-face with William, her father. Katja Herbers, who plays this new character, discussed the final scene, with The Hollywood Reporter, that reconnected these two family members and what could be next:

“We’re definitely going to see them talk and reckon with the fact that her mom is gone. I think she needs her father, now that she doesn’t have her mom anymore. She needs an explanation for things. She needs to get to know her dad. I think she wants to know what he does in that park. I think I’ve gone to the park a lot with him; growing up, I’ve been there many times. But I don’t think I know the kind of monster he is in the park. I’m going to find out who he really is, I guess, and who I am in the park — like everyone does.”

In the meeting with the android version of James Delos, an aged William revealed Juliet’s death (Emily’s mother), an event that potentially did not happen long before this confrontation. Will more details on her passing be revealed in their eventual extensive conversation?

A deeper dive into William and Emily’s relationship would be intriguing, with a flashback or two of young William and his life outside of Westworld. We have seen plenty of him in this business’s early days, so what about the effect it took at home?

Given the comments from Herbers, it seems the father-daughter connection was not troubled because they took trips to Westworld together, and she clearly does not know how William acts at the park. He could be this mild-mannered, one-of-a-kind father in the real world, but Emily may discover everything that’s happened without him, including the around-the-clock watch of android James Delos and other underground operations.

If Emily “finds herself,” will she take the same turn William did? So far, she seems fearless of the park’s surroundings, likely due to familiarity. But could a longer stay as an adult shape her mindset into something rogue, after all her years coming to the park as a kid? That’s what happened to her father, once he discovered how inauthentic everything — specifically Dolores’ affection for him — was in this fantasy land.

How much does Emily know, though? That’s another intriguing question as season 2 continues. If she has been around Westworld for so long, what kind of secrets could she unveil to the viewers to unravel part of the mystery? Whether it’s the other human that was copied to become a robot, Westworld’s location, “Glory” or the “Valley Beyond,” or the data collected from hosts, she could be the link that answers some of our questions as season 2 reaches its halfway point.

Emily’s reveal to be William’s father only opened more questions than answers, and that’s part of what will make the remaining episodes of season 2 a must-watch.

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